4 cyl. 222RE


  • Picture of 4 cyl. 22R/20R head Hypo motor
  • Picture of 4 cyl. 2.4 + 2.7
  • Picture of V-6. 3.0
  • Picture of V-6 . 3.4

    • 4 cyl 22R + 22RE RV Camshaft.
      Increase low + mid range torque over stock
      Stock computer compatible call for pricing.
      All 4 cyl. Polished valve cover
      81-84 4 cal 22R Polished Valve Cover
      85-95 4 cal 22RE Polished Valve Cover

      Yoadman specialize in Toyota 20R, 22R, 22RE, 2RZ, 3VZE, 5VZE Performance
      Whether a stock vehicle, Rock crawler off road 4X4, Pre runner or a circle track modified
      Celica.All yodamans engines parts and accessories have been designed and tested to provide
      long life and reliable performance

      One of our specialty engines is the notorious 2.4 22RE. All gaskets + seals are factory OE
      Toyota. Starting with a baked + shot penned bare block. + Then decked with new timing
      cover. For a perfectly true head gasket surface. Bored to spec + the final hone with a 2''
      thick'' torque plate bolted to top of block for less than 1/100 taper down cylinder bore.
      All new block oil galley plugs. Brass freeze plugs. Assembled with reground 10/10
      crank fitted with micro sleeve at main seal surface. All rods at crankend are resized
      for a perfect circumference. All 4 wrist pin bushings are replaced in rods. New
      Japanese pistons. Chrome moly rings are checked for proper end-gap in each cylinder. Every rod - main
      is plastigaged - for .002''Clearance. New OE oil pump - water pump are installed.

      Installed harmonic balancer with micro sleeve installed for no front crank seal leaks. Oil pan installed. Every block is painted with Yodaman's trade mark graphite metalic grey + clear coated and all brackets are cleaned, painted + assembled to long block ready for installation. New cylinder head with all new valves, values springs + valves keepers. R/V camshaft + reman rocker arm assembly topped off with our polished value cover. Intake + plenum cleaned, bake + shot peened before assembly. Fuel injector rail polished. Optional 4 Injectors rebuilt + tested for conical spray pattern + CFM flow tested for New Fuel filter + OE N/D spark plugs + up dated T-stat