Complete lighting available. From LED'S, Hid's, Rock crawling lights,interior lighting,driving and fog lights. Call with brand and part number and Yodaman will match the price plus shipping.


LED Rock Light Kit includes 6 Ultimate LED's of any one color complete with 7 foot of 16 gauge wiring harness, fuse and mounting screws for each of the 6 LED's. The world's brightest 1 watt Luxeon LED in a compact 12V DC platform. Low amp draw and a light weight construction gives this super bright LED many areas of utilization as a functional light source and a crowd pleaser! The applications for these LED's are endless. Use them to light your interior, your wheel wells, under the hood, under your rig or anywhere you need low voltage lighting. - Aluminum LED bracket measures 1" wide by 4.250" long and .375" high - 180 degrees of light dispersion comes from this Luxeon LED - Draws only 350 milliamps of 12V DC power - 100% waterproof and virtually indestructible - Illuminate an area approximately 6 feet by 6 feet squared - A 50,000 hour life span should outlast your vehicle After extensive testing installed as rock lights on a 4x4 vehicle, we were able to leave 8 of these LED's on overnight and it started in the morning! Ground effects lighting for visual assistance! Limited lifetime warranty. Made in the USA.