Toyota High Steer Crossover Steering Kit

Crossover Steering is critical for rock crawling. The stock steering just can't keep pace with today's super flexible suspension systems. This results in broken stock steering arms and loss of steering. Our high steer kit features unbeatable quality at a super low price. Kit features super beefy, solid forged steering arms, heavy duty pitman arm, heavy duty .250 wall steering rods, and rod ends. Precision fit for easy assembly. Flat steering arm kit requires custom mounting hardware, not included in kit.

Toyota Six Stud High Steer Crossover Steering

Our six stud high steer kit includes left and right six stud steering arms, tie rod, drag link, four rod ends and your choice of flat or curved pitman arm. To use this kit you will also need an IFS style steering box, box mount, and four additional knuckle studs & hardware. Fits 1979-1985 Toyota Pickup and 4Runner solid front axles.

Fully Loaded Six Shooter Knuckle Kit

After years of development and testing these knuckle steering arms have set a new standard in Toyota knuckle strength and reliability. The Fully Loaded Six Shooter Kit totally eliminates the problem of broken steering knuckles and studs. The addition of two studs in each arm effectively prevents the steering arm from becoming loose or shearing off the studs under extreme loads. The knuckle housing was designed with thicker than stock material and larger gussets have been added around the outside of the knuckle for extra strength. Precision CNC machined, each set of knuckles and steering arms are inspected and tested for the highest quality of products that can deliver. Included in The Fully Loaded Six Shooter Kit is a special 6 hole shim pack for use between the top of the knuckle and the steering arm. Also included is a 1/2" coarse thread bolt to help remove the steering arms for knuckle service. To remove the steering arms, remove all 6 nuts, then install the bolt in the top of the arm. As the bolt is tightened, the steering arm is pulled up off the knuckle. Stock lower bearing plates and shims from your old knuckles are needed for knuckle assembly. A minimum of four additional steering arm studs are needed for installation. We think the Fully Loaded Six Shooter Kit is so bullet proof that we have given it our world famous no questions asked lifetime warranty.

IFS Steering Boxes

High quality remanufactured IFS boxes for your crossover steering. We carry both newer and older styles. For crossover steering on 79-85 trucks we recommend the early style box but you can also use the late style if you wish. Early style (left in photo) fits 86-88 Pickup and 86-89 4Runners. Late style box (right in photo) fits 89-95 Pickup and 90-95 4Runners. All boxes are completely rebuilt with new seals and bearings. Each unit is tested before shipping.

IFS Steering Boxes Tapped

Looking for a steering box for your hydro assist steering system? We now have in stock Toyota IFS steering boxes that are drilled and tapped for hydro assist steering. Two # 6 JIC fittings are installed. After tapping, each box is thoroughly flushed and fully rebuilt. 1986-1988 Style box. If you're the type that wants to tap your own box, we have the fitting you need to do it. The fitting has a male 1/4" pipe fitting on one end and male #6 JIC fitting on the other end. Two fittings are required for each steering box conversion.

IFS Steering Box Mount

If you're installing crossover steering on your 79-85 4wd Toyota you're going to need to mount an IFS steering box. This frame mount kit includes both inner and outer frame reinforcing plates, grade 8 bolts, DOM tubing, and Crimp nuts. Inner plate is 1/4, outer plate is 3/16". Angled leading and trailing edges prevent frame cracking. Heavy duty design. No questions asked, lifetime warranty.

Rock-AssaultTM Steering Pump Kit

The stock Toyota pump is just barley able to supply the volume and pressure needed to run Hydraulic assist steering. The stock pump puts out 1,300 psi @ one gallon per minute. The stock pump is not able to provide enough fluid to run both the stock steering and the demands of a ram, especially at low RPM's. Drilling out the restrictor plates in a stock pump for more volume often leads to pump failure. The answer is a replacement "TC" style pump. The Rock-AssaultTM pump puts out 1,450 psi of pressure at 4 gallons per minute. This provides the full fluid volume your steering box and ram are looking for, even at an idle. Pump kit includes pump, pump bracket, reservoir, reservoir bracket, belt, fittings,  hoses, & hardware. Pump kit is designed to work with stock or ram drilled IFS power steering boxes. Application Notes: This pump and bracket is designed to fit all Toyota 4cyl 4wd motors from 1979 - 1995. A large power steering fluid cooler (included) is required on the low pressure side of the system. Pump bracket works in conjunction with stock idler bracket. If your truck is not currently equipped with power steering, you will need to purchase the idler bracket and replace the steering gear box with one designed for use with power steering. The stock fan belt will not work with this pump and will need to be replaced with Napa # 9440 belt. Belt is included with kit. Note: Never use ATF fluid, or a semi-synthetic blend. This will void the warranty. Ok to use standard power steering fluid or a full synthetic. Royal Purple fully synthetic power steering fluid recommended.


To reduce steering vibrations at higher speeds, a steering stabilizer can be very helpful. We offer a stabilizer kit that attaches above the drag link. One end weld to the passenger side frame rail and the other end bolt onto the drag link. Eight inch stroke.

Knuckle Service Kit

When was the last time you serviced your knuckles? Our service kit contains all standard replacement parts including gaskets, felts, seals, washers and shims. Kit included inner axle seals and outer felt covers. The outer felt covers are not found in other kits and are a Trail-Gear exclusive. If your using your truck in the rocks you will want to replace these covers when you service the knuckles. Knuckle kit has all the parts you need to services both left and right knuckles.

Wheel Bearing Kit

Wheel Bearing kit includes inner and outer bearings, hub gaskets, inner wheel bearing seal and star lock washer. One kit services left or right side.

Knuckle Stud Service Parts

It's a good idea to replace the upper knuckle studs when upgrading two high steer arms this is the weak link in the sterring system. Upgraded ARP studs available also

Wheel Bearing Nut Kit

Normally the nuts that hold the wheel bearings can be reused over and over again. If your wheel bearing retainer nuts need replacing this kit is for you. Kit contains 2 nuts, star washer and flat index washer.

Spindle Stud Kit

When assembling your spindles gaskets does it feel like your all thumbs? This kit contains 16 studs and flanged nuts. With studs installed it's easier to install the spindle gaskets. Gaskets are placed on the studs one at a time, then nuts are install on the assembly.


Magnum knuckle studs, are stronger then any other stock replacement Toyota knuckle stud on the market. These heavy-duty studs are manufactured to our specifications by world-renowned bolt manufacturer ARP (Automotive Race Products). Each stud is made from super tough, ARP 2000 material and is hardened to 220,000 PSI. Magnum studs are .250 (1/4'') longer than stock to accommodate all aftermarket steering arms. Each stud features an integrated 8mm hex head for easy removal with common tools you probably already carry in your tool bag. Don't let knuckle stud failure ruin your day, get the best, Magnum knuckle studs.Fits 1979-1985 Toyota front solid axle knuckle.